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superhero nation how to write superhero novels comic - i provide advice about how to write novels comic books and graphic novels most of my content applies to fiction writing in general but i also provide articles specifically about superhero stories creating superhero characters superpowers will not make a boring character interesting superhero creation questionnaire, superhero nation how to write superhero novels comic - this article gives nine tips to writing a title that grips readers and sells your book 1 tell us enough about the book to make us want to read it, rob s adventure games page - since my second real job where a co worker introduced me to the all text game adventure on a pdp 11 i have been fond of what have come to be known as adventure games this genre includes text adventures a k a interactive fiction or if and graphic adventures i amassed a fairly extensive collection of adventure games over the years starting with some commodore vic 20 cartridges of, mama odie disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - mama odie is a supporting character in disney s 2009 animated feature film the princess and the frog she is a kindly voodoo priestess of great magical power who lives deep in the swamps of louisiana an eccentric sunny wise woman who has great power and does not use it to grant wishes she, guests professionals and performers by announcement date - announced 11 27 2018 bill keel astronomer bill keel author of the sky at einstein s feet and the road to galaxy formation has appeared at dragon con since 2004 he hosts annual overnight live astronomy sessions and has spoken on cosmology extrasolar planets citizen discovery in astronomy science in pop culture universes spy satellites and astronomical tourism, eudora disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - eudora is a character from the princess and the frog she is the mother of princess tiana and the wife later widow of james she is her daughter s confidante and wants her to be happy she also doesn t want her daughter to overwork too much according to mr la bouff eudora s the finest, the stinger tv tropes - the 16th issue of the unbelievable gwenpool ends on a bittersweet ending her brother has successfully prevented her from ever entering the main marvel comics universe but there s the promise that gwen s life in her own world could improve and she ll be happy the page even ends with the end at the bottom the next page is the letters to the editor which show up at the end of every issue