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the fender amp field guide the vintage sound - welcome to the fender amp field guide these pages are dedicated to the greatest amplifiers ever made no other company has produced so many great sounding well built and reliable amps, fender performer 1000 amp guitar amplifier service manual - fender performer 1000 amp guitar amplifier service manual repair guide fender electronics sunn on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers fender performer 1000 amp is a 100 watt tube solid state combo with specially designed fender 12 speaker this offer includes manual documentation only no hardware included april 1993 8 5 inches x 11 inches, fender twin the evil twin ampwares - permalink as dan said the amp above is whats known by amp guys as the 94 twin infact fender used to call it that aswell it was part of the pro range designed by paul rivera before he did his own thing, fender sunn spl 6000 two channel powered amplifier amp - fender sunn spl 6000 two channel powered amplifier amp service manual repair guide fender electronics sunn on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers spl 6000 two channel power amplifier utilizing a unique proprietary cross coupled protection system, fender narrow panel tweed bassman ampwares - permalink i have a 1955 2 rectifier covered in rough brown tolex with the dark brown or oxblood grill it had 3 1959 speakers and one 1955 when i got it via eugene s sent to me in sc back around 1990 or so, triode electronics on line schematics index - back to home page tube data page tube tube amp links page dynaco upgrades dusty files part 1 part 2 other triode pages schematic index studio schematics frequently asked questions how to find us also see studio music electronics page for electronic crossovers mic preamps compressors reverbs tremolos etc triode other pages and links page for other tube related info, the fender magic six amp setup singlecoil com - i m sure you all know what we are talking about when you hear the term classic fender sound right it s this vintage tone from the old fender tube, musician s tech central schematics audio schematics - at musician s tech central we get a lot of e mail asking for help in finding specific schematics manuals and other technical documents since we know how difficult the search can be especially to find obscure or proprietary documents we offer the following suggestions, knowing which pedals to choose for your amp - a loud fender twin has a typical mids scooped tone and very little compression you get lots of headroom and pristine clean tones but it is not that suitable for fuzz and other uncompressed square wave clipping pedals, mark glinsky s manual manor synthesizers music - music equipment manuals and documentation welcome to manual manor providing manuals and documentation for 14 years including to keith emerson, the free information society unmasking fender silverface - by frank stroupe warning there are voltages inside of a tube guitar amp that can kill you there are components in the amp that hold live current long after the amplifier is unplugged, vox ac15cc mod guide guitar news daily - the vox ac15cc or ac15 custom classic is a nice amplifier despite being manufactured in china it has plenty of character and tone still there are plenty of people on the internet willing to invest time into performing modifications on this amp to take it a step further, musical instrument tube amp building maintaining and - back to the geo home page safety warning read this first working inside a tube amplifier can be dangerous if you don t know the basic safety practices for this kind of work, university speakers circa 1963 preservation sound - it makes perfect sense home theater is all the rage these days back in the days of mono it was tough enough getting the spouse to agree to that k horn or bozak in the living room, the big muff tone tutorial - in most cases you never know what you get when buying a vintage big muff and you may end up being very disappointed and broke unless you re very sure of what you re doing my best tip is to stay away from ebay and the whole vintage hype, norman koren vacuum tube audio page - welcome to my vacuum tube audio page which i dedicate to the reader who seeks an in depth understanding of amplifier design who wants to learn the factors that contribute to audio quality who doesn t buy the myths of the high end marketplace where old designs enhanced with premium components and dressed up in impressive packages command astronomical prices, quieting the beast shielding a strat singlecoil com - quieting the beast shielding a strat this modification does not alter the appearance of your guitar last updated 1 3 2004 what some people have said after shielding their guitars, 924 944 968 frequently asked questions connact - 924 944 968 frequently asked questions 924 944 968 stereo faq the following faq was created by walter spector and was last updated 19 march 1999 most of the following information has been gleaned from personal experience in my 86 944, the red special brian may s handmade guitar hackaday - guitarists are a special breed and many of them have a close connection with the instruments they play it might be a specific brand of guitar or a certain setup required to achieve the sound