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new bible dictionary i howard marshall a r millard j - the new bible dictionary is a reference work ideally suited for people of all ages and backgrounds this magnificent and comprehensive bible dictionary has set the standard for evangelical bible dictionaries for five decades now in its third updated edition it is the clear leader in its field, bible define bible at dictionary com - the book sacred to christians see also christian which they consider to be the inspired word of god the bible includes the old testament which contains the sacred books of the jews see also jews and the new testament which begins with the birth of jesus thirty nine books of the old testament are accepted as part of the bible by christians and jews alike, bible definition of bible by the free dictionary - bi ble b b l n 1 a the sacred book of christianity a collection of ancient writings including the books of both the old testament and the new testament b the hebrew scriptures the sacred book of judaism c a particular copy of a bible the old family bible d a book or collection of writings constituting the sacred text of a religion 2, new define new at dictionary com - adjective new er new est of recent origin production purchase etc having but lately come or been brought into being a new book of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time novel a new concept of the universe having but lately or but now come into knowledge a new chemical element, morrish bible dictionary stem publishing - a new and concise bible dictionary embracing some special features to which are added some new testament synonyms man doth not live by bread only but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of jehovah doth man live, messiah definition and meaning bible dictionary - messiah the term messiah is the translation of the hebrew term masiah which is derived from the verb masah meaning to smear or anoint when objects such as wafers and shields were smeared with grease or oil they were said to be anointed hence the commonly used term was anoint when grease or oil was applied to objects by israelites and non israelites, pentecost definition and meaning bible dictionary - pentecost that is the fiftieth day from a greek word meaning fiftieth or harvest feast or feast of weeks may be regarded as a supplement to the passover