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top 10 richest actor and actresses in nigeria 2019 and - the nigerian movie industry nollywood is one of the best in africa and so many wonderful actors and actresses are in this sector today in this post we are going to give you the list of the richest movie star in the country for the year 2019, nollywood stars profiles nigerian actors actresses - nollywood stars profiles nigerian actors actresses biography life history nollywood stars profile is the life history and biography of nigerian movies stars worldwide our expert writers have done a thorough research and have written comprehensive original biography on your favourite nollywood movie stars including popular nigerian actors, 14 dead nollywood actors and actresses 2018 latest update - clems onyeka is a famous nollywood actor who died in 2014 by a stray bullet in asaba delta state in a gun battle between the police and armed robbers he died at the spot after being hit by the bullet what a shocking news r i p 4 elder maya martins njubuigbo, actors and actresses biography nollywood actors and actresse - nollywood actors and actresse biography the nigerian movie industry boasts of tested actors and actresses which have risen to the pinacle of their career due to dint of hard work and focus among those considered to be the best paid actresses in the industry include, list of nollywood actors and actresses nigerian finder - nollywood is the name for the nigerian film industry in this article we take a look at the actors and actresses in this industry that have entertained us in the last couple of decades, list of dead nollywood actors actresses 2010 2019 - when popular nollywood actor sam loco efe died his hotel room in 2011 it was a shock to the movie world as he has always been known to be full of life however many actors and actresses have died of both known and unknown causes in the last few years